Established in 1969

Non-Profit Organization 501(C)(3) Tax ID#02-0484080

Fifteen active members

Approximately 2300 Pelham, New Hampshire residents have received financial assistance

Referral Committee handles all requests for financial assistance in confidence

Mission Statement:

To provide Pelham, New Hampshire residents who are in financial need with emergency assistance for rent, heat, electricity, food and other household expenses.

Appropriate fund raising activities are coordinated by the Directors which includes an Annual Golf Tournament and Christmas Drive as well as donations which come from the local business community, organizations, schools, churches, families and individuals.

Fund Raising in 2017:

24th Annual Golf Tournament raised $15,428

48th Annual Christmas Drive raised $12,775 which included $1000 food gift cards

Donations come from the local business community, organizations, schools, churches, families and individuals

Activities in 2017:

18th. Annual Scholarship – awarded two $2500 scholarship and over the last 18 years a total of 25 scholarships have been awarded for a total of $62,500

Provided financial assistance to 26 families and individuals for household expenses, donated of $1000 to Bridges Women’s Shelter, $1000 to Southern New Hampshire Mission Men’s Shelter, $1000 to the Muscular Dystrophy Association for a total amount of $28,483.

28th Annual Sponsor-A-Child program at Christmas – provided clothes, food, food gift cards and toys for 22 families which included 42 children amounting to approximately $7000. The Salem/Derry Elks provided food for 10 families in Pelham. The remaining food collected at the Christmas Drive was given to the St. Patrick’s Food Pantry.

Attended Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union “We Share A Thread Foundation” fundraiser

Directors voted to invest $50,000 from their Money Market Account into a conservative investment that would yield a higher interest rate

Business Donations Awarded to PGNF:

Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union through their “We Share A thread Foundation” awarded the PGNF $1500 for supporting their mission and PGNF commitment to the community. We also got another $500 during our Christmas Drive.

Received approximately $4000 from the New Greeley Singers because they decided to disband.

Referral Committee:

Provided financial assistance to a woman whose husband had terminal colon cancer and had been sick for two years. She stayed home to take care of him. We helped with her propane gas so she could have heat and we negotiated with two credit card companies who lowered their outstanding balance. We paid the propane gas company $1235 and the two credit two credit card companies $1327. for a total amount of $2562. Her husband passed away a short later.

Provided financial assistance to a woman whose husband was unemployed and she couldn’t work due to a disability. They have six children ranging in age from 10 months to 10 years old. She needed a washer and dryer because the ones she had gotten flooded out in the cellar. We decided to purchase a large capacity washer and dryer at a cost of $1547. Since the woman was a veteran, we got in touch with the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary and they donated $1200 to help her with the household expenses.

Provided financial assistance to a woman who needed her roof repaired. We contacted several roofing companies but only one responded. He informed us that the roof needed to be replaced because the wood was rotted. The cost was $4700 so we got in touch with the St. Patrick’s Knights of Columbus who donated $500 because the woman’s husband who died several years ago was a knight and so ended up paying $4200.